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NGO organization IOM official detained in Cox’s Bazar dowry and women abuse cases

A case has been filed against an International Migration Number (IOM) official for allegedly abusing women and demanding dowry. On 16 July 2023, a woman activist filed the case in the Bandarban-Chief Judicial Magistrate Court.

Ahmed Yusuf Jamil (32), son of Master Syed Ahmed, a resident of Kalurdokan area of ​​East Tekpara in Cox’s Bazar, working in the site-management project of Ukhia No. 18 Rohingya camp of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), has been made an accused in the case.

Plaintiff’s lawyer Dipankar Das said that the victim of torture was working in the same project at Enroute International under the same INGO organization. At the same time, Yusuf Jamil began to offer love to the woman NGO worker (unwilling to disclose her name) at various times, at one point, with the consent of both of them, a love relationship developed between them.

Later on May 26, 2022, Ahmad Yusuf Jamil got married to a woman worker by paying Tk 15 lakh as dowry according to Islamic Shariah. After marriage i.e. on 31st May, husband Yusuf Jamil forced the woman worker to resign from her job. After a few days of marriage, the wife was supposed to be taken to the house of her husband, Yusuf Jamil, but the handsome husband started making various tricks, at one point he demanded 500,000 taka from his wife for building a house. Later, NGO official Yuchuf Jamil demanded another 10 lakh rupees to take home and threatened to marry another woman if he did not pay the demanded amount. The victim said that the women NGO workers who were victims of torture complained to the IOM Security Department several times but they did not take any action.

Later, when the women activists filed a complaint in the court of Bandarban Chief Judicial Magistrate, the accused NGO organization issued an arrest warrant against IOM official Yusuf Jamil.

On September 17, 2023, a team of Cox’s Bazar Sadar Model Police Station conducted an operation on the basis of secret information and arrested Yusuf Jamil, accused of dowry demand, and sent him to Cox’s Bazar Jail through the court.

Immediately after this incident, fear spread among women NGO workers across Rohingya camps. How safe are other women workers for Yusuf Jamil is a question of civil society. Conscious circles think it is very important to remove these women addicted and dowry greedy officials.

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