The number of likes of UkhiyaNews on Facebook crossed one Lakhs

desk report :

The popular online news portal of Cox’s Bazar district,’s Facebook Like, crossed the one million milestones. On 11 September 2011, the “News Connection All-Time” started the news portal with the slogan of the slogan. Today, on Thursday morning, the Facebook Like number of touched 1 lakh.
Young media personality Obaidul Hoque Chowdhury is responsible for the responsibility of the portal’s editor and publisher from the beginning of the journey. Within a short time after launch, became one of the top news portals of Cox’s Bazar. There are many more departments in it. It includes: Features, Literature, Entertainment, Sport, International, Women and Children, Business, Economics, Politics, Science-Technology, Health, Lifestyle, Education, Travel, Opinion, Mukhya News Exclusive & News Search. Apart from this, its own editorial comments are also being published regularly. Newspaper followups are also important for the reader’s needs. There is also a more department called ‘Daily Savarkar Khabar’ along with a job called ”. The portal is one of the most promising activists inside and outside the portal. Senior journalist Sarwar Alam Shaheen is presently acting as the executive editor of the portal.

Our continuous regards to the respected readership due to the number of likes of Facebook exceeding the number of likes of